Why Pastels are the New Neutral

Gone are the days of bathrooms where whiskey colour tap handles and garishly busy patterns were the norm. Today’s modern bathroom is all about minimalist style, clean lines and sophisticated feature elements. Enter pastels, the new colour trend that’s changing the game when it comes to bathroom design. Pastels are being hailed by designers as…

How to Maximise your space

When you’re looking to make the most of small bathroom, design is everything. Through a well thought out layout and smarter room organisation, you may be surprised at how much larger the bathroom space can feel. There are many ways you can gain space in the bathroom to make it feel larger and more usable. Vist our bathroom store Gold Coast

Renovate your bathroom & reap the rewards.

Just like most things in life, when it comes to renovating you need to have a plan, and I’m not talking about the drawings or sketch of the concept.
At Designer Bathrooms Plus we have a consult and design service that can help you navigate the process and get your ideas down on paper or computer screen if digital is more your speed. Considering your space, Budget and design whilst incorporating current trends.