Introducing Colours

2019 is seeing the biggest revival in colour in the bathroom since the days of the pink and blue toilets, basins and baths of the 60’s.

So, what’s driving this trend and how do we incorporate it into our daily spaces?

There is a few ways to get your own take on the new style without having to paint your bathroom baby blue.

Scroll down to see some images of products we can supply to achieve this look along with some Pinterest inspiration.

Fienza Reba Basin

Blue / Gold / Pink

The Zimi collection allows for the perfect on-trend bathroom and kitchen look, delivering the next level in glamour and the choice for full customisability.

Zimi offers 27 colour and finishing combinations available across a unique range of mixers and outlets.

Proudly designed in Australia by Phoenix’s award-winning design team, Zimi is best characterised by its iconic thin, flat profile. The flat handle seamlessly integrates with the slender outlet, featuring an overall sophisticated  shape  that harmonises substance with elegance and refinement.

Concrete always used to get a bad rap: rough, clunky, cold, best suited for brutalist interiors.

But lately we’ve spotted appealing sinks made of concrete in all kinds of spaces.

As it turns out, the concrete sink is coming into its own as one of the most versitile sinks we’ve ever seen, aesthetically, and here on the Gold Coast, Concrete Nation are leading the pack.

Concrete Nation Colour Samples

Concrete Nation Mini Lux Basin

Suggested Bathroom Renovation Ideas