Established in 1964, Brodware has been committed to design authenticity, innovation and quality for over five decades. Our dedication to applying our ideology to our craftsmanship and service is equally unwavering. These long held beliefs guide our vision for an ideal environment where personal needs and desires are satisfied.

We take our ‘made in Australia’ commitment very seriously which is why we are proud to still be designing, engineering and manufacturing our products in Australia. We are so confident of our Australian quality that our customers can now relax in the knowledge that their purchase is covered by a 20year warranty. (refer to terms and conditions)

At Brodware we understand how important it is that you enjoy your bathroom; it’s a place where you can relax, unwind and delight in your own personal time. We skilfully unite genuine materials, expert detailing, exquisite proportion and artisanal craftsmanship to create a personalised and luxurious bathroom environment. Our tapware, fittings and accessories are the dynamic, three dimensional forms that deliver elegant silhouettes, detail and meaning to the space. They are the functional sculptures that don’t just create a stylish room; they transform it into a truly personal retreat. From a complete master bathroom suite to a single powder room hand towel, Brodware creates an experience that reflects our client’s visions and their worlds. This is what makes Brodware truly unique. As the result of our experience, Brodware possesses a distinctive perspective on the places where we spend our most personal time. Now and in the years to come, we remain focused on evolving what’s possible within the bathroom, and delivering it seamlessly and effortlessly.

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