Mondrian 900 & 1400 LED Mirror with Demister, Magnifier & Bluetooth Speaker



  • 900mm x 700mm & 1400 x 700m
  • Demister TriColour LED Lighting
  • Lighting is around the frame rather than under the glass for brighter ambient lighting
  • 12v wired into 240v
  • Smart LED – Tricolour with dimmable switch
  • Warm 3000k
  • Natural 4000k
  • Cool 6000k
  • Dimmer
  • 3 x Magnifying Mirror
  • IP44
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Say hello to our game-changing Smart-LED Mirrors, a harmonious fusion of energy efficiency, customisability, and sophisticated design. These mirrors are carefully designed to provide optimised energy consumption, diverse lighting options, and even unique features such as integrated Bluetooth speakers and magnifying mirrors. The cornerstone of our mirrors is integrated LED lighting. Positioned around the frame rather than under the glass, this feature provides a brighter, more ambient light setting while using significantly less energy. Argent Smart LED mirrors operate with a 12v system wired into 240v, ensuring optimal performance with efficient power usage. The smart LED mirrors also offer tricolour LED technology with a dimmable switch. Adjust your lighting to reflect the time of day, your mood, or the task at hand – from the soft glow of warm 3000k, the crisp clarity of natural 4000k to the cool sheen of 6000k. Some versions of our Smart-LED Mirrors, such as the Mondrian model, come equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers, seamlessly integrating your audio experience into your bathroom routine. All models feature a magnifying mirror with a dedicated LED ring for detailed tasks, adding another layer of functionality. Beyond functionality, we’ve significantly emphasised using eco-friendly, superior materials. Our mirrors are made from copper-free glass, an environmentally-conscious decision that increases their durability. This material is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, water damage, and chemical oxidisation, making them ideal for wet environments like your bathroom. Installation is made easier with our mirrors’ IP 44 rating, ensuring they’re safe for placement over basins. Plus, the built-in demister ensures your reflection remains crystal clear, regardless of steamy conditions.

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Mirror Size

900mm x 700mm, 1400mm x 700mm