Thermogroup Thermorad In-Wall Heating System


Total Width: 555mm
Heated Width: 500mm
Total Height: 850mm
Heated Height: 650mm
Thickness: 25mm
Max. Temperature: 50°C
Warranty: 10 Years
Wattage: 160W
Lead Length: 2m
Category: SKU: TR5585


Thermorad provides a revolutionary new way to dry your towels. The Thermorad panel provides an opportunity to make any towel rail a towel dryer without compromising on your design or style.

The Thermorad panel is installed in your wall cavity directly behind where your towel rail will be installed. The panel creates an invisible towel dryer that reduces the drying time of your towels by up to 70% compared to a non-heated rail.

The beauty of the Thermorad panel is that it can be used with any rail, robe hook or ladder without compromising on the design aesthetics of your room. If you cant find a Heated Towel Rail to match your tapware colour or style then Thermorad is the answer.