Thermogroup is a family business which has been operating for over 16 years delivering excellence in the manufacture, distribution and support of market leading heating products.

From the very beginning, our driving principle has resolved around delivering impeccable customer service. We have set ourselves to make sure we are the leaders in service, and are constantly striving to establish the new standard.

Thermogroup is also passionate about adding a wow moment in your new bathroom. Whether it be in the comfort of a heated floor, the luxury of a warm dry towel or the standout feature created by your LED mirror, we will always have something that will add that little bit extra to your bathroom experience.

Here at Thermogroup, we provide the warmth, comfort, and luxury you desire to make your house a home. Heating should be the last thing that you have to think about and the first thing that you feel when you enter your home after a cold day.

Thermorail SR69M