We love helping people renovate bathrooms and part of this process is education. There has been a spike of enquiry lately for shower bath combinations as most people have come to realise that for re sale value a bath is an absolute must regardless of the last time you personally had one. Every square metre of space is valuable in a bathroom so there is a real trend to create room for a bath but sometimes this can only be achieved with a shower bath combo.

The education component of this is really important because you don’t want to muck this up as it is pretty hard to take a bath back to the store because you got the wrong one. Ah, lets grab this cheap freestanding bath, whack it in and use it as a shower bath combo. IMPORTANT: at the time of writing this, you can’t get a freestanding bath in Australia that is suitable to use as a shower bath combo.

These are the reasons why you can’t just use any bath.

Shower bath combos are designed specifically with an increased width at one end to stand, has one end that is curved for sitting and the other is flat for standing, has a slip resistant pattern in the floor, has the waste at the end where you will be standing, is made with a reinforced base to withstand all that weight at one end (double reinforced base) and ideally has a steel reinforced trim around the outside. Most shower bath combos are acrylic (some enamel ones are around) and they drop into a hob for installation.

Hopefully one day there will be a selection of freestanding baths that can safely be used as a shower bath combo but at this stage you will need to talk to your builder or expert at designer bathrooms plus and discuss the best option for you.