How to Maximise your space

When you’re looking to make the most of small bathroom, design is everything. Through a well thought out layout and smarter room organisation, you may be surprised at how much larger the bathroom space can feel. There are many ways you can gain space in the bathroom to make it feel larger and more usable. Vist our bathroom store Gold Coast

Here are some tips of the trade to get the most out of your space.

Streamline the vanity.

Using a vanity that frees up floor space will help your bathroom feel bigger.

Consider using a pedestal sink, or a wall-mounted vanity that’s off the floor. Even if the opened surface area isn’t usable, it will make the room appear larger.

Here are some space space vanity

Get a bigger mirror.

Is the mirror above your vanity as big as it could be? Push the margins of your wall area with a mirror that extends as far — horizontally and vertically — as possible

Go with a glass-enclosed shower.

For the sake of space, skip the shower curtain and opt for glass. A glass-enclosed shower provides a clear line of vision through the room, making it feel more spacious in the process.